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Iris is a lot of fun. I deleted my FB, IG, Snap, Twitter, Reddit, etc. about 7 years ago and have found this app to be what I liked about social media without the privacy concerns.
- Lance
I am wiser and kinder now after having that conversation, and it probably could have only been done on Iris.
- Toby
I really appreciate the goal of diverse thinking, and it’s nice to have a chance to talk.
- John (disengaged from all social platforms until he found Iris)
Thanks for creating iris - I have been using it and the discourse is nowhere near as negative as what you see in social media.
- Mark
Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for all the fun conversations today! It was nice talking about politics without even saying what our political leanings are.

Get your Members Engaged

Many communities have thousands of disengaged members passively reading an email newsletter. Often they have tried a large public forum, and found that most people don't feel comfortable talking honestly in front of a large audience.

Iris Talk lets your community members talk to each other in a way that lets them feel safe, establish genuine connections with each other, and geninely feel like part of a real community.

Automatically Matched Small-Group Conversations

A community member answers a few bio questions, and chooses topics they would like to talk to from a feed. Then Iris Talk automatically matches them into small private conversations.

Each conversation has around five people, and our alorithms try to match people with people they will have a good conversation with.

A Public Sphere made up of Private Conversations

Like in an in-person breakout-group, it can be useful for a private discussion to share insights from their conversation with the wider community. Iris lets each person in a conversation write one "Public Highlight" which appears as part of the topic feed.

These public highlights can then be the topic for another round of small group discussions, until the best ideas are being discussed by community leadership.

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